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Having a friend can be one of the most enriching and supportive relationships in a person's life..... and it can easily be taken for granted. At Home-Start Blaenau Gwent we value friendship and support​

Home-Start Blaenau Gwent can help you and your family

We support hundreds of parents just like you through our Home-Start volunteers. They are people who are parents themselves or have parenting experience - so they know just what you're going through. They will visit you in your own home, usually once a week. You decide what you will do together.  Maybe you need someone to talk to who won't judge you, a shoulder to cry on or perhaps someone to play with or read to your children, maybe a bit of support to make or keep medical appointments or to find out what else is available locally. You may even just want to attend our family groups, you decide.

Home-Start Blaenau Gwent now offer support to Parents and children between 5 and 11 years old with our Additions Project

The Additions project, funded by the Big Lottery, will provide a support service to disadvantagedand at risk families, with children aged between 5 and 11, living in Blaenau Gwent.  The project will provide activities and interventions for both adults and children that aim to help them to overcome a variety of social barriers and issues specific to this age range.  The project will follow a three-pronged approach that ensures the need of the whole family are addressed, and offer support that focuses on:

  • Adult Supportsiblings
  • Child Specific support
  • Parent and Child Together delivery

Adult Support

This element will support parents to make a ‘real’ change and work towards overcoming issues causing instability at home. This in turn will improve and increase their parenting capacity.

Examples of these issues include:

  • The effects of poverty / unemployment on the family
  • Difficulties around maintaining home conditions and maintaining routines
  • Lack of parenting skills or the inability to impose rules and boundaries
  • Health and well-being concerns
  • Isolation and lack of confidence
  • Limited motivation, self-esteem, and aspiration

Adults will be supported to address these issues, or a combination of them, through services provided under the Home-Start Addition programme:

  • Key Worker Support
  • Volunteer Support
  • Groups, events, and activities
  • Skills Development Service
  • Signposting and support to use other agencies
  • Child Specific Support

Primary school aged children whose families have been referred to the provision will be offered the opportunity to attend a variety of groups, events, and activities. These opportunities for socially disadvantaged children will provide them with a chance to improve their confidence, social skills, self-esteem, motivation, and resilience. The achievement of these skills and attitudes is key to the development of a healthy mind and is also a method of reducing isolation and overcoming and coping with adversity in family life.

To support these objectives a wide range of diverse interactive activities will be offered. Although not apparent to the children each session will have an ‘unseen’ social development aim.  Events on offer will include:

  • Arts and crafts session
  • Cooking skills
  • Sport
  • Educational / experience broadening visits
  • Team building activities
  • Imaginative play
  • Drama, music, and dance
  • Parent and Child Together Sessions

HSBG is committed to improving the relationships in family particularly those between children and their parents / carers. To enable this, we will facilitate a variety of activities that encourage family interaction.

All you have to do is ask...

If you think Home-Start Blaenau Gwent can help you why not find out more? Talk to your doctor or health visitor or contact us yourself by phone or email. We will be pleased to hear from you. If you do decide to ask for support one of our team will get together with you, talk about your needs and support.

"The staff are really nice and easy to talk to, very friendly. They have helped me and my family a lot personally and I love the groups as I get to meet other people"
"She has been a godsend, I don't know what I would of done with out her"
Family described Key Worker as "Lovely, like a friendship, very supportive, gives good advice and real credit"

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